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Dirty Honey
@ Rebel

Dirty Honey!!! Meaty riffs, explosive melodies, raw, energetic and persuasive Rock & Roll.


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Dirty Honey!!!
Meaty riffs, explosive melodies, raw, energetic and persuasive Rock & Roll. That’s a good approach to try to explain what music these guys are doing but still not enough. In order to understand the music of this L.A. rock-stars, you need to check them out live at one of their shows. (TOUR DATES)

We saw them for the first time in Heavy Montreal and their  on-stage energetic performance is flawless. Later on we had an amazing interview with guitar player John Notto (INTERVIEW)  and saw them for the third time performing last week with Skillet and Alter Bridge completely destroying the Rebel and blowing everyone’s minds off.

These guys are not goofing around, after recording their first label-less EP earlier this year, they have been touring around with Slash, The Who and by the end of this month they will be sharing stage with Guns n’ Roses at Las Vegas!  That’s a lot more than the new kid on the block would love to achieve in a couple of months. 

I can’t say it in any other way. Rock n Roll never left and finally we are witnessing the strong rise of bands like Greta Van Fleet, Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures and the list keeps getting bigger and bigger. 

Marc, Justin, John and Corey are here to stay and one thing I can promise, we will be hearing more and more about Dirty Honey’s strong bluesy riffs in the upcoming years. 
Make sure to follow them and listen to their new release:
“Break you”

Watch their video

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