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Delhi 2 Dublin Interview

"Indian truck art meets a happy version of Oasis around a campfire with a joint..."


Delhi 2 Dublin is throwing a crazy show this Wednesday, July 17th at the Drake and we had an interview with no one else than with Tarun Nayar.  If you haven’t got bitten by their music bug, it’s time for you to hit that play button at the end of this page and let those beats get your summer vibes going.

Music Overload – The combination of cultures, languages, sounds and rhythms in your music creates so many colors and different emotions at the same time. How scary was this at the beginning? If it was not, how did you manage to be so sure that this combination would work for the long term?

Delhi 2 Dublin – We’ve never been sure about this stuff. Since the beginning, we’ve just been doing what we think is cool. Thankfully, enough people have agreed to keep this thing going! On this most recent record though, we did specifically set out to write a pop record.  

MO – I see that the lyrics are also very personal. Can you share with us a little bit more on how you come up with your lyrics or what is the process that you follow, if any? Is the music talking to you or are you trying to set a direction for each song related with a specific memory or event in life?

D2D – On this album we were much more focused on lyrics than any of our previous work. It was very ‘songwritery’ in its origin – we even wrote a couple of the songs on songwriting camps. Sanjay and I write most of the lyrics – and we worked on a bunch of songs with Gavin Brown and Maia Davies. One thing which worked well this time was writing down the titles of all the songs we wanted to write before we actually wrote them. So, when we’d find a little chord combo that sounded good, we already had themes to go with.  

MO – After 4 years, We Got This came out with a new fresh sound. What would you say is different in the new album? What does We Got This have that is a unique or different characteristic? 

D2D – Again, we set out to write a pop record. We’ve been a little electronic-jammmy in the past, and this time we wanted to make our message very clear and catchy! 

MO – Can you share with us a happy moment that you’ve recently had as a group?

D2D – We just played Canada Day at home in Vancouver for 5,000 people. We all feel that the idea of ‘Canada Day’ is problematic – for many reasons but to see so many people come out, to hear them sing along with our new material, and to feel our message resonating was really special. 

MO – What do you like about Delhi 2 Dublin? What is it that keeps you all together and enjoying music together?

D2D – Honestly probably just the comradery. We’re family at this point and getting to travel around the world and explore is the best part of this.  

MO – I am sure you have plenty of stories related with unexpected song writing. Would you mind sharing the craziest inspiration for a song you’ve had throughout your career?

D2D – We have a song on our recent album called “Weed, Samosas and Sriracha”. The inspiration is… well…   

MO – If you could give a piece of advice to new Canadian musicians or young musicians trying to find their way in the industry, what would that be? Is there any advice of something they should force themselves to do or something that they should avoid during their journeys?

Check out their "My People" video

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